Friday, December 02, 2005

Martin's Chief AdScam Spin Doctor Now Ambassador to Costa Rica

Good Lord... Adscam just keeps on going... now we have new information certain to keep the issue alive and biting Prime Minister Paul Martin and his Liberals.
Based on the explosive Canada Free Press article:
The setting: Costa Rica.
Jean Lafleur, prominent Adscam figure. His communications firm over four years took in $15 million of our tax dollars. Read the article for the infuriating details on this flamboyant, reportedly very annoying-to-his-neighbors fellow living the high, loud life with his boyfriend "Larry".
Mario Laguë, Prime Minister Paul Martin’s former director of communications. Now Ambassador to Costa Rica.
(All emphasis mine)
That’s the same Laguë who was the senior bureaucrat in overall charge of Ottawa’s communications strategy, and the same one who reported directly to the same Cabinet communications committee, headed by then public works minister Alfonso Gagliano. Readers may recall that the disgraced Gagliano is the figure indirectly responsible for giving the Liberals their "Libranos" label.
Laguë, who served as Martin’s communication director from December 2003 to July 2004, presented Adscam in the best possible light after Auditor General Sheila Fraser discovered and revealed it. Canadian media dubbed him as "Martin’s spin
Here we go again. Just add this to everything else we know about the whole scandal and the players. Looks like it's going to go on for awhile before all the facts are out about who did what and so on...
Lague reportedly has only attended one official public function since his Appointment was announced by Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew on 16 September 2004. Looks like we're continuing to get excellent value for our money in this fellow, doesn't it?
What'll we learn next as the sordid affair continues to unravel and follow Paul Martin all over the campaign trail?