Sunday, December 04, 2005

Many, Many Reasons to Terminate the Liberals

Thanks to an email tip from Tony Guitar, I am able to present everyone with many, many reasons to realize just how incredibly terrible the so-called "Liberal" government of Paul Martin really is and to vote against their continuance in power as the greedy dictators of the Canadian federation. Please understand that a single vote for the "Liberals" would be tantamount to a declaration that "crime pays for Liberals". It is important to the survival of Canada that the Liberal Party of Canada be sent a devastating message that their unacceptable behavior and cavalier attitude will no longer be tolerated and that they be sent into the proverbial political wilderness indefinitely while the Conservatives take their place and implement policies which will reverse the damages caused by the Liberals and facilitate Canada's rejuvenation and remove the shackles on its economic and social potential which the Liberals applied in their attempt to exploit the country with a view to their self-enrichment.
Here we go: Click here.