Thursday, December 08, 2005

Liberal Insider Trading

Sigh... here we go again. Looks like the Liberals are up to no good yet again, and during an election campaign, to boot. Are they so smugly arrogant as to truly believe they can continue their corrupt ways during an actual campaign and still win the election? Astonishing. Now we see evidence of insider trading stemming from a leak that occured from inside the Liberal government. See also here and here.

Guess what? The Liberals can be found guilty of this and everything else by you and me, the voters, this coming January 23, 2006. They don't have a right, as a political party in an election, to a trial, except in the court of public opinion by the jury of the electorate, which is us, the people whose money they keep taking and taking and wasting and wasting in every imaginable way.

We, the people, have the right to render a guilty verdict against the Libranos at the voting booth. Let's make the right decision: guilty as charged!

Throw the crooks out!