Sunday, December 04, 2005

Missile Fired at Civilian Passenger Jet, Misses; MSM Mute

Once again, the Northeast Intelligence Network reports on a terrorist attempt ignored by the MSM. Read the whole eye-opening report here.

Exerpts (All emphasis mine):

First, here is what happened regarding an American Airlines passenger flight from Los Angeles International airport (LAX) en route to Chicago last week. The pilot radioed the control tower and told them: "a missile had been fired at the aircraft and missed." The aircraft, according to our investigation, was engaged in a "climb and turn" maneuver, following departure from LAX, over Santa Monica Bay, at an altitude of
5,000 feet and climbing when the pilot reported seeing a smoke trail pass near the cockpit. The aircraft was south of the airport, and over water in the vicinity of Redondo Beach.
Next, many are asking what happened to the media reports pertaining to this incident. The story was carried by a syndicated radio news network early Monday morning and was heard by many people, but the story seemed to "vanish" after it was initially reported. Some in the syndicated media, contacted by this agency, stated that this incident was a "non-story" and subsequently left it to die - as, according to the FBI: they believed the pilot most likely saw a "flare or bottle rocket." This explanation neglects the fact that neither explanation would be plausible, especially since a trained pilot would be adept at identifying the smoke plume created by a flare, and the "bottle rocket" firecracker explanation at that altitude is simply ludicrous.

The article also has some excellent analysis and perspective-giving commentary.

Listen, folks, it is perfectly clear from the evidence at this time that there has been an apparent attempt to destroy a passenger aircraft with a missile and the MSM does not care. Why not? Isn't there enough demand from the average news consumer for information of terrorist threats and actual attempts? Why is it that we hear about terrorism only after people are actually murdered by the terrorist acts? Why isn't it considered important to be aware of attempts that fail?

I, for one, am appalled at the cavalier ignorance on the part of the MSM regarding something far, far more important than the usual dingbatty fluff stories about what Paris Hilton or Jennifer Aniston or Britney Spears did the other day, often with a tiny canine companion, regardless of the cuteness of said ladies.

This story recalls the disturbing incident at Tinker AFB that happened a few months ago. Read it and ask yourself why didn't the MSM say anything about it, particularly in light of the more recent actual attempt at terrorism perhaps stemming from the Tinker AFB 'dry run' by apparent terrorists.And, by the way, Canadians must really be asking more and more what, exactly has Paul Martin's Liberal government actually done besides toss around a claimed $8 billion "for security" and spew rhetoric about so-and-so working closely with so-and-so and so on? The military is continuing to fall apart at the seams due to Liberal stinginess despite skyrocketing surpluses due to overtaxation. The RCMP is grossly underfunded and underresourced to the point that they really cannot do their job anymore, other than try to do something with their steadily growing backlogs of work. Border stations have closed down. The CSIS needs more funding in order to do more, but that's not happening. The government claims there is no threat to the Montreal rail system despite evidence to the contrary. Seems like the Liberals and the left in general are of the "don't worry, be happy" attitude, doesn't it? Fact is, we are without a doubt everywhere in the world in danger from terrorist attack. And the Canadian Liberal government of Paul Martin gives not a shrew's butt. Rather, they chose instead to make multibilliondollar election promises just as they did in 2004. All just to keep themselves in power and enriching themselves and their friends while the country and its people continue to suffer from a declining standard of living and live under the imminent threat of terrorism.But at least we have an election campaign now underway.
And as soon as January 23, 2006 we'll get the beautiful opportunity to terminate the Liberals and install the Conservatives to do the job of governing the country the Liberals simply won't do.
Let's roll!