Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Gomery: A Very Important Question

This CTV report reminds me of a post I did awhile back demanding something of Justice John H. Gomery for the sake of the appearance of impartiality of the Gomery commission of inquiry into AdScam.

The post in question is here. Read it and the links provided therein. There's much eye-opening stuff the MSM hasn't told us.

Recall I demanded Judge Gomery cancel his appointment of Raymond Garneau on the grounds of Garneau's connections to Paul Martin which, if the MSM were to make a big deal out of it, would certainly cause Gomery to make such a cancellation. Still hasn't happened.

The CTV report is about Gomery's discussion of his appointment of former Mulroney "right-hand man" Bernard Roy to be chief counsel to the sponsorship inquiry. Apparently Gomery has always been aware of the questions surrounding this appointment.

Gomery, according to the CTV report, had misgivings about Roy due to his political connections. He chose to appoint Roy so as to ensure a fair and balanced inquiry, apparently.

Speaking of fair and balanced, how is it fair and balanced to appoint one of the folks who aided Paul Martin in his acquisition of CSL at a time when Martin had no financial ability to do so to head up the advisory body overseeing the recommendation phase of the Inquiry?

There is an apparent conflict of interest here. Gomery must know about Garneau's relationship to Martin. Does he or doesn't he? If he does, why keep Garneau? One must ask the question.

Either way, it's necessary to remove Garneau from this appointment to preserve the credibility and integrity of Gomery's commission, if there is any.

Is the Gomery Inquiry a whitewash of Paul Martin's involvement in AdScam?