Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Liberals and the MSM Again: Way Too Close?

Very busy again, but this I must direct your attention towards. It casts more doubt as to the impartiality of the MSM and its apparently far-too-close relationship with the still-ruling Liberal Party of Canada. Follow the story via SmallDeadAnimals.
The evidence keeps on mounting day after day. Once again we see more evidence of MSM bias in favor of the Liberals, this time with regards to Bell Globemedia.
And once again the Earnscliffe name arises. Previously I've mentioned this name as one that Judge Gomery was blocked from looking into as it might prove some connection between Prime Minister Paul Martin and Adscam.
The significance of all this is that one must necessarily doubt the reporting of the MSM, particularly of Bell Globemedia's CTV news and the Globe and Mail. The connection of such a powerful individual from Bell Globemedia so intimately to the Liberal Party is indeed a conflict of interest to the reasonable person's mind. As for the CBC, is there any doubt as to Liberal/PMO influence therewithin? The crown corporation, after all, depends on the Liberal government for its funding. And there's Canwest Global, owned and controlled by the Liberal-loyalist Aspers. No reasonable person today will believe in the independence of the MSM after considering all this.
So whenever the MSM "reports" positively on the Liberals and negatively on the Conservatives and other parties, one must necessarily take it with a scrutinizing grain of salt, separating objective fact reporting from anything looking suspiciously like bias or unfairness on the part of the MSM, who apparently have an interest in the continuance of the Liberal regime, regardless of the dangers to the country posed by such continuance of such a massively corrupt government.
Troubling, I find it all.
See also the excellent post by Young Conservative on MSM bias.