Saturday, February 25, 2006

3870 Pounds of Propane Stolen From Truck: Northeast Intel Network... Plus Some Related Local Photoinvestigation By TCS

On the heels of this post I recently did, based also upon an Northeast Intelligence Network report, involving a plot to utilize propane to blow up oil refineries, this happens.

3870 pounds of propane were stolen from a propane truck in Maryland, from United Propane, 205 Najoles Road in Millersville, Anne Arundel County. Read the rest of it at the link.

It seems to be emerging that terrorists, likely associated with Al Qaeda, are plotting as we speak to blow up oil facilities inside America.

This is coming to light as is the AQ plans to do precisely the same in Saudi Arabia. An attempt at destroying a Saudi oil facility was recently foiled and Al Qaeda has declared they will try again and again... read about it at this
FoxNews report.

This scares the hell out of me, for I live in a city with one such facility, the Irving Oil Refinery in Saint John, New Brunswick, the security of which is, as far as I can see by driving by on a daily basis, wholly worthless should a terror attempt be made thereon:

And this photograph, which I took myself from far away a number of months ago (I'm not going to do it too close, as only the enemy would dare do that without first giving some authority a heads-up), is only a tiny fraction, at one end of the entire massive, sprawling complex. There are many mammoth storage tanks within the facility which could be easily targetted. It's entirely possible to simply walk or drive inside the complex, park one's vehicle, and plant or toss a suitcase bomb most anywhere. I hope the authorities and Irving Oil Limited, if they're aware, will get serious about this unacceptably dangerous situation. I hope they don't cheap out and gamble that the Liberals' claims of Canada not being a target, would be proven correct. We cannot afford blissful ignorance while the terrorists the world over continue to threaten, train, plot and attempt to bring their evil goals to fruition at the expense of the Free World.

Oil refinery. Unsecure. In Canada. I did not make this up.

Just doing my part to stand on guard for thee. I urge all concerned citizens everywhere to look for vulnerabilities in potential terrorist targets, like this one, which I believe the Canadian government has previously identified as such, and expose them so as to spur those responsible to action to secure the facilities. It's not hard to investigate these things for oneself. Just keep your eyes open and take nothing for granted.

Here's another photographic angle taken of the same facility:

The enemy must know that we, the people, are always watching. We know they're living among us, plotting, training and waiting for an opening, but we're going to be watching as sentinels.

We stand on guard for thee.

Don't tread on us.