Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hamas Threatens to Nuke Israel

From The Jerusalem Post, Via Bourque:

Hamas, the "government" of "Palestine", is threatening to destroy Israel with nukes.


On the website, a red Star of David is encased in a black rectangle which is then obliterated in a nuclear explosion.


...Every few seconds there are repeated images of a nuclear explosion destroying the Star of David.

Wonder if leftists, upon learning of this, would still think of "Palestine" as wanting peace? After all, Israel has already left Gaza and is looking at leaving the West Bank. Yet Hamas doesn't care. It's claims of "occupation", while false, are also an attempt at justification for its plans to wipe out Israel just because it isn't an Islamic state and is the only non Islamic state in the Middle East. Hamas is purely racist, period.

If Israel is forced to retake that which it had already legally won in the 1967 war, I say, good for them.

I have another question: why did the Islamic states in the Middle East refuse to accept the refugees in the territories which were legally won by Israel in the course of its self-defence from some of those very same states? The Islamic states rejected and condemned their own people in order to pursue the long-term goal of the destruction of Israel because these states were racist and intolerant and would never accept amongst themselves people who are different from them. Those who understand Middle East history understand that there has never actually been a "Palestine"; "Palestine" is merely a term used to describe an area in the Middle East, but which isn't clearly defined. It's popularly claimed that Israel is "occupying" the land upon which the refugees have been living since 1967, but there is no occupation. The truth is that Israel is a humane country and simply couldn't have eliminated or expelled those who remained on the land that now belonged to the Jewish state under international law. It's not Israel's fault that the neighboring states rejected the refugees.

The Intifada isn't Israel's fault. It's the fault of Islamofascist tyrants whose sole goal has been and is to destroy Israel, period. In fact, Iran, one of the states who rejected the refugees, is supporting Hamas and has declared its own intention to "wipe out" Israel.
Fact is: Hamas has no desire whatsoever for peace!