Thursday, December 02, 2010

Left Now Pushing Legalization Of Kiddie Porn

Yesterday I reported that the Left wants to give to sex offenders the "right" to work with and adopt children.

Today I report that the Left also wants to legalize child pornography.


Warnings were issued whenever sex-related social reengineering was being imposed.

The warnings were ignored.  And ridiculed.  By the Left.

Now we're seeing SSM, polygamy, and this stuff either already legal or being pushed by Leftists for legalization based on the "human rights" and "who does it really harm, and where's the proof?" argument.

We know that the harm is moral corruption and that such extremism will tend to change society into something resembling Sodom, which is what perverted sexual extremists want to happen, which is why they keep trying to legalize anything and everything they personally like, to hell with the future of society, to hell with anyone who would be harmed somehow.

And we discover that child pornography is already legal in the Czech Republic.  Incredible.

No doubt they're going to appeal to our emotions and "sense of fairness" and so on.

Don't fall for the crocodile-tears act.

Time to say "NO!" to the Left!


U.K. advocacy group NSPCC (the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) says the study is entirely misguided.

"This obscene type of material has no part to play in our society," a spokesperson for the organization told the U.K.'s Daily Mail. "Many children suffer atrocious abuse in the making of indecent images. To make it legal would suggest that inappropriate behaviour and violence towards children is acceptable. It never is and it would be quite wrong to make it legal."

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