Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Obama's Homeland Now Arresting Gays

 As they do in Ahmadinejad's Islamic-Sharia-ruled Iran to the gays, so will they now probably be doing to them in Obama's homeland of Kenya (first come the arrests, then, who knows?). 

And he illegally used US tax dollars to help make it happen.
Will Obama get away with this?
Is Obama now actually the evil homophobes' best-ever wet dream?

Obama illegally (and the media let him get away with it) used US tax dollars to influence the recent Kenyan election/referendum which opened the door to the imposition of Sharia Law in his homeland.

Now, therefore, in Obama's beloved Kenyan homeland, they're already beginning to round up the homosexuals...

Don't expect Obama to give a shit about homosexuals in his homeland... or in America, either.  After all, when he kisses American gay ass, he's just putting on an act to get votes.  He really doesn't give a f*ck about "those un-Islamic f*gs".

After all, folks within the gay community increasingly realize that Obama actually hates "those f*gs".  Of course, the gay demonstrations against Obama are quickly ended by police and largely ignored by the "mainstream" media, who's also throwing the gayfolk of America under the bus.

I guess the gays will now just stay home and not vote for Obama next time.  Those who don't deny the reality they see before them, anyway.

Now is the time for "progressive", "liberal" left-wingers to stop liking Obama 'cause he "hates f*gs".

Regardless of what Obama's true religion is (only he knows!), it's blatantly obvious that it's Islam in which he's most interested.


Jen said...

How is it that you know of this and not NDP Libby Davies who by now should be furious with her love, OBAMA.

Apparently whatever OBAMA says and does is acceptable by the media and opposition parties.

Canadian Sentinel said...

The Left, the MSM and most of the gay community will be all Three Monkeys about all this.

It's only bad if someone who's not a prog is involved in anything anti-gay. If one's a prog, especially a black prog, like Obama, and especially if he's big-time pro-abortion and big-time neo-communist, etc... then anything goes, no matter what.

Jen said...

The left has gone completely of the rail. I thing for sure the left has no use for anyone but themselves. All the sweet talk they pour on innocent minds just to get their votes then to turn around to treat them like slaves reminds of the time when the jews were taken into Egypt as slaves.

We must pray CS. Nothing can protect us from evil but PRAYER.

We have to protect in prayer the innocents.

BTW my friend, canada won three fossil awards in one day. Not bad uh! Congratulations to all fossils for supplying oil-to maintain our economy.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Hooray for dead dinosaur juice! :D