Sunday, December 05, 2010

Fugitive Wikileaker Assange Sells Classified Intel: Co-Founder

l-r:  Bond villain Max Zoran and Julian Assange, international fugitive

Story here.

Dennis the Menace has grown up, and is up to more mischief.
Young said he left the site in 2007 due to concerns over its finances and that WikiLeaks was engaged in the selling of documents.

Young was speaking today to WND senior reporter Aaron Klein on Klein's radio program on New York's WABC Radio.

"I think it is a money-making operation, no doubt," Young said of WikiLeaks.

"It follows the model of a number of other business intelligence operations. Selling intelligence information is a very lucrative field, and so they are following that model, usually cloaked in some kind of public benefit," he told Klein.

George Soros must be impressed with this guy.

 Nope, that's not Julian Assange.  That's Julian Sands in "Warlock".
Didn't notice that thing sticking out of the Warlock's chest when I first posted that pic.

Dastardly, nationally-and-internationally-devastating profit-generating activities, cloaked in "good intentions".

Kind of like George Soros's "legitimate" trading activities and his "philanthropy".

Assange reminds me of this guy, too, below:

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Jen said...

It is time to catch this guy.

Mind you, the canadian useless msm take to his fancy.