Thursday, December 16, 2010

A-Hole Chris Matthews: Gov Christie Too Fat To Be President

So "tolerant" "progressive" media talking head Chris Matthews of MSNBC is saying that fat people can't be President.  (What's next, Chris Matthews will say that Blacks and women can't be President?)

Well, Mike Huckabee, who himself used to be fat, is standing up for Governor Chris Christie against the asshole Matthews.

I agree with Huckabee that Matthews is mean and callous.

Up next:  Matthews will say sexist, intolerant stuff about Sarah Palin.  No doubt.  Lots of leftist talking heads certainly will.  It's what they're paid the big bucks to do:  Attack anything and anyone who's a threat to the "Progressive" International Socialism/Khalifascism Agenda.

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Jen said...

Not fired yet Chris Matthews assumes that he can say whatever he feels like -kinda reminds me of the canadian media kooks.