Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Further Down The Slippery Slope We Go

Out of hard-left academia comes this...

Now the Left wants to make sure that sex offenders have the "right" to adopt and work with children.

Sex offenders.  Working with children.  Adopting children.

To ban that, according to some crazy leftist academic, is "discriminatory".

Yeah, right, suuuuuure.

It's time to tell the Left, "NO!"

Absolutely not.  We're NOT going to go there.  And if some left-wing activist judge grants sex offenders the "right" to mess around with children, we must force the government to overrule the judge.  And fire the judge and force 'em to submit to psychiatric examination, because they'd obviously have a mental disorder!

Knowing how the Obamacracy works, those sex offenders are probably already working for the TSA...

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