Sunday, December 19, 2010

Prime Time TV 'Objectifies and Fetishizes' Underage Girls, Study Says -

Prime Time TV 'Objectifies and Fetishizes' Underage Girls, Study Says -

I suppose liberals consider this to be "progressive"?

Oh, definitely. How so? They're not trying to discourage the entertainment biz from doing this stuff.

Too busy making them put positive-propaganda GLBT and Islam-is-all-good-and-no-bad stuff on shows to worry about the other stuff.

Oh, and also too busy making them bash America, capitalism, Christians... Oh, yeah, and they bash Canada, too. Funny, that... liberals hating "Soviet Canuckistan", especially when we elect the Conservatives.

No wonder so many people have just tuned out. They also don't want to watch crappy shows that make little girls look like whores, 'cause many folks have daughters, y'know!

I don't now how those shows can survive in the long run.

Oh, and I'm sure the pedos watch 'em... time to take it away.  Time to crack down on the filthy pedos.  Oh, wait... the disingenuously discriminatory ACLU will stand up for 'em, etc... after all, the Communist-founded-and-still-controlled ACLU already stands up for the homosexual-pedophile movement, specifically the NAMBLA...  Instead of standing up for the human and equal rights of Christians.

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