Thursday, December 16, 2010

Victory Mosque Guy Spotted In Bizarre Photobomb

Imam Rauf?  Doing victory sign in eyebrow-raising photobomb?

Related:  Islamists plan terror attacks during Christmas

Oh, crap...  Hey, girls!  Look out!  Spooky dude right behind you!

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Jen said...

All I can say is PRAY. God sees everything therefore He knows of such threats to come. But, it is up to us to deal with the matter through PRAY.

BTW, conservative Grewall stood up in the HOC to explain to canada to stop being 'political correct' over the meaning of Christmas. We should celebrate the feast of Christmas just as the Hindus celebrate Diwalhi and so on....

She went so that immigrants do not want canada to change their christian values.

Thanks Nina Grewal, for setting the record straight.