Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Obama Regime Incompetent In Response To Wikileaks: Palin

Weird how the Obama Regime isn't really doing anything to stop the dangerous leaks of extremely sensitive top secret information via Wikileaks.

They're gung-ho about sexually assaulting all Americans, psychologically and emotionally terrorizing them in violation of their civil rights.

Yet they won't do anything about the obviously-felonious Wikileaks at all, not even in the name of "preventing terrorism", the excuse they use to violate Americans' civil rights.

"Incompetent" is an understatement when it comes to the Obama Regime!

I think the Obama Regime actually wants the damaging leaks to happen because their agenda is to mess America up as much as possible and damage international security.


glacierman said...

So, if it is in the interest of the US Government to be open and transparent and accountable to the people, because they are elected by the people, and they are not being open and transparent, then how is the Wikileaks a totally evil thing.

Having all this spy vs.spy stuff going on is a natural and normal thing. I understand that, but there are things which should be exposed. How is it that the House of Saud is allowed to play both ends of the stick with regards to funding Al Quida and bating Israel to bomb Iran?

There is way too much "stuff" that we the people are being fed by the MSM, in conjunction with Government which has nothing to do with the real world which we live in. They are out playing war games and we are working hard at home, paying our taxes so they can do this stuff.

It is really starting to feel almost surreal, the games have truly begun.

Anonymous said...

In its basic form, the term ‘regime’ references the rules and procedures used to select leaders and policies. The American regime is democratic because there are democratic methods of leadership selection, while policies are selected by elected leaders and limited by constitutional rules.

I’m not entirely sure why ‘regime’ has become a common pejorative for Obama’s administration. It’s a tough word, to be sure. But in any case, it is synonymous with neither ‘administration’ nor ‘government.’ There is no sense in completely reinventing the meaning of the term. Perhaps people use the term because it sounds fancy and they think it makes them appear smart; however, using ‘regime’ in flawed ways only signals unfamiliarity with political literature. I suggest avoiding it.

Of course, pointing out the flaw will likely cause you to double down. Ignorance seems to be a badge of honour for the hard right nowadays.


Canadian Sentinel said...


re·gime also ré·gime (r-zhm, r-)
a. A form of government: a fascist regime.
b. A government in power; administration: suffered under the new regime.
2. A prevailing social system or pattern.
3. The period during which a particular administration or system prevails.
4. A regulated system, as of diet and exercise; a regimen.
[French régime, from Old French, from Latin regimen, from regere, to rule; see reg- in Indo-European roots.]

'Nuff said in response to the ignorant Na. Regards to Mr. Soros.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Selective definition when convenient, along with stretched, newfangled definition when convenient, is a mark of the hard left.

If the "hard right" sometimes does the same, the "hard left" will be hypocritical for complaining about it.

I only do it while holding a mirror to the Left to show 'em what they look like. They deny it's a reflection of them, though we reality-cognizant folks know it is.

Anonymous said...

Hungary replaces communist system with democratic system: regime change
Hungary elects new government: no regime change

Thai military takes overthrows democratic government: regime change
Thai coalition government falls and replaced by new coalition: no regime change

Obama administration: not a regime
Bush administration: not a regime
America: a country with a democratic regime

Why the Free Dictionary defines the term incorrectly is beyond me. I guess people get what they pay for.


∞ ≠ ø said...

Hmmmmm, it's been a while, sorry.

Let's see. na

I would define this as an expression refuting the aforementioned ...or...

Typist's initials

nutty a--h--e