Thursday, November 04, 2010

Islamic Supremacist Militia Plots Violent Overthrow Of Lebanon

Nothing to see here.

We're not supposed to worry about anything the Islamic Supremacists do, no matter what.

Shut up or be branded "Islamophobe" and hauled before some "human rights" commission or something for "hate speech against Muslims".  Right?

A religious group is plotting to occupy Lebanon and oppress the Lebanese People.  And who's raising the alarm?  Not the same folks who tell lies about "Israel occupying...".  Why isn't the UN condemning Hezbollah, Syria and Iran for their plot to overthrow the Lebanese gov't and take over?  Why is it ok for Muslims to do such things?  Why are they supposedly so... special and exempt from the same standards of responsibility and consequence as everyone else has to face?


Jen said...

Hezbollah? friends of the LPOC.
Have you heard anything noise from them (liberals)and the coalition on this story. NAAAAAAH!

BTW, Is CBC going to obey the court ruling to open the books on the expenditure.
Or is it going to be that CBC gives orders to the courts 'to stuff it.'


cdnbison said...

No suprise. They gun down 58 Catholics at Mass and where's the outrage? Are the Catholics marching in the streets demanding jihad? Were there any staements condeming the attack from the white house?

Jan said...

The sad thing is the middle east conflict is not about territory, as is evident by the proposed takeover of Lebanon, a primarily Muslim nation, by Muslims. It is about the extermination of the state of Israel--always has been. I do not see one word of this on the MSM--especially ironic since this is the "week of Remembrance" when our allied forces freed the Jews and other prisoners from the Nazi regime. "Lest we forget"......