Sunday, November 21, 2010

Margaret Atwood: The Michael Moore Of Canada

"CAUTION" is right.  Be careful to take, with a grain of salt, what this woman says.

Just as we must take Michael Moore's bullshit with a grain of salt.

Author Margaret Atwood turns into a partisan pitbull propagandist, attacking the government just because it's not a left-wing clown government like she wants it to be.

Why is it that when Glenn Beck warns about the oppressive, extreme, revolutionary Obama regime, he's called "crazy", but when Margaret Atwood accuses the Canadian government of being a dictatorship, she's praised by the Liberal Media as possessing "razor-sharp wit"?

CAUTION!  Take Margaret Atwood's opinion with a grain of salt.  Do NOT treat her as if she's some omniscient guru to be believed at all times.

At lest Glenn Beck gives us EVIDENCE to back up what he tells us!

Margaret Atwood?  Just a whole pile of biased opinion.  Just like Michael Moore.


Jen said...

She likes the attention she is getting which tells her that she 'is' having an affect on people.
That's how the very far left manage to survive.

If we had Glenn Beck like, here, she will be plastered all over the blackboard. Luckily for her, canada's media are confined to one style thinking-Hers, Moore's, Soros, chavez's etc.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Just wait til we get SUN News. Then the Leftists will finally blow a few fuses and need serious maintenance attention in the asylum.

Jen said...

I don't think that the staff at the asylum would want them either.
I am pretty sure that is a small island off the coast of somewhere, where the far left would like to mingle. .

Just by having those thoughts,I smell fresh air-aaah!

Colin said...

Margret Atwood owes me hours of my life from my school days where I was forced to read her drivel that masquerades as literature. The problem was that I had been exposed to the classics before reading her and finally threw her book onto the teacher’s desk and told I refused to waste anymore of my life on her stuff. Now she haunting my adult life, what is she some kind of deranged stalker?

Canadian Sentinel said...

I had an economics professor who made me read drivel by Noam Chomsky and Linda McQuaig... :(