Sunday, November 21, 2010

Introducing the OMNIMOBILE. Planned Production: 2011

It's a plane!  It's a boat!  It's a car!  It's an off-roader!

Don't you want one of these?

"This machine was designed to go places no other single vehicle has ever gone," Steve Saint writes in an article detailing the Maverick's first flight, "drive highway speeds on highways, transform automatically into an ATV when the roads are primitive and rough, float when the bridge is out or the river has flooded its banks and inundated the roads – and fly when it is impractical to drive or float. … One small leap for man, a giant step for mankind living beyond roads."

Steve Saint says the Maverick – which can do 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds on the ground, is certified by the Federal Aviation Association for flights up to 10,000 feet in altitude and can even be equipped with pontoons to traverse water – can be used for border patrol, search-and-rescue operations or even flying to dodge the traffic on your way "to Wal-Mart." 

Is this perhaps the Ford Model T of the OMNIMOBILE?

Will this new kind of vehicle change the world?  Change our way of life?

Can we now look forward to getting where we want, to hell with roads and airports?

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