Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Jon Stewart’s Rally & TV Show Less Diverse than Tea Party?

Jon Stewart’s Rally & TV Show Less Diverse than Tea Party?

I guess those Leftists who attended the so-called "Sanity" rally were all racists, 'cause they were all white...

Sooooooo what was the Left and the Big Old Media saying about "diversity" in the Tea Party?

What about "diversity" on the other side?

My... but what a lot of honky progs, eh!
Monochromatic's the word.

By the way, I found Waldo in one of the pix!  Can you?

Now will you freakin' gosh-darned bum-bums on the Left please shut the bloody fook right up about peoples' skin color, for feck's sake, already?

Let's talk policy, ok, for feck's sake, not skin color!

Dammit!  Enough of that race shit already!  It doesn't matter!


Jen said...

I do laugh at times yet frown when I hear black white orange blue come into play.
I was born and raised in an island in the west indies where blacks and East Indians are predominant, the whites are the minority now. Imagine that.
Even the government is black and Indians with scrappy whitey here and there (some tone colour).
And as far as I can remember and I pretty sure before my time as well-only blacks ran the country. Black PMS for decades, and even though there was a 'white' man representing the queen changed since the Independence '62, The island country is a republic with the usual black PM and a black president.
Just a few months ago for the first time a female mixed blood (black and indian)became the PM.
I have yet to see a 'white' prime minister. I wonder if and when that day does come which I do not think it will, I wonder if he or she will get a greeting like OBAMA DID. not likely.
Also this island is more multicoloured both in skin and religion yet the island is very much 'Catholic'.
To watch the Indians, muslims, etc celebrate their feast days is something to see. Nobody troubles another of religion. BTW, I am white.
Just to listen to my former countrymen really makes me laugh,

Jen said...

There is a 'Tea Party' growing in Quebec but if there are others, and if they want things done the first place where they have to deal with is- THE MEDIA before going forward. They can't have the same dead beat corrupt bastards running the airwaves and national television. First and foremost is CBC then CTV then radio canada that have poisoned the airwaves.
Then and only then can the tea party move on.