Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Plane Lands & FBI Involved After Woman Farts

Heh... of all the things that'll force a plane to land and get someone banned from an airline!

When you think of it, all she did was fart.

Sure, she lit a match to get rid of the stink... but was unaware that one is forbidden to light a match on a plane, which is what got her into trouble with the FBI. But, really, it was all because of a fart! Just a fart!

Imagine if she was a Muslim. Then the CAIR would sue the airline for discriminating against Muslims, claiming they're being forbidden to fart like everybody else! Then there'd be more of those crazy-ass Muslim protests, with the picket signs saying stuff like "Islam will dominate the world", "Muslims fart too!" and "Death to those who say anything when Muslims fart!" And somewhere in the world a jihadist would chop off someone's head... just because someone farted on an airplane! Well, it could happen. Hell, it happened after someone simply drew some pictures of some guy named "Mohammed", and that's not even as bad as farting on a plane!

Well, at least it was only a fart. She wasn't a jihadist, so no worries.

Too bad she isn't allowed on American Airlines anymore.

Must've been some real big, bad fart, eh?