Sunday, December 03, 2006

Required Reading About the Islamic World

Muslim children.

Muslim child.

Peaceful, tolerant Muslims?

Read this. I mean it. All of it. There's damning photographs, too.

And understand that Islam is genocidal. That Islam wants another holocaust. Simply because they're supremacistic.

And realize that Israel is only their first target for annihilation and takeover.

And proceed to be opposed to Islamic imperialism. Forget about "diplomacy"- for that's merely what the Islamists have learned to use as a tool of time-buying and regrouping. Of this there is no doubt.

Of course, leftists and leftists-in-denial will deny that any of this is true and merely denounce me as some kind of hateful monster... for daring to direct readers to the truth.

Truth is not hate. Hate is hate. Open your eyes and your mind to see the difference!

And always remember, the mainstream media will not tell you the truth. They don't believe in the truth.

Oppose Islamic supremacism and imperialism. Oppose Islamic Jihad.

Never submit to these bloodthirsty beasts!