Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Canadians Really Like Harper's Senate Reform Plan: Poll

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Yep. The vast majority of Canadians, including in Ontario and Quebec, like the idea of elections to recommend to the Prime Minister whom to appoint to the Senate. Support for limiting Senatorial term limits is even more impressive.

Only the Conservatives understand what Canadians want, apparently. Heck, members of the other parties even like the Conservative Senate reform plan.

Indeed, Stephen Harper understands Canadians.

Now everyone else will have no choice but to climb on board; get with the program, else be branded, rightly, as antidemocratic asshats or something.

Let's reform the Senate. Let's make it work... finally!

Smart move by a smart Prime Minister! (Of course, I already knew it is the right thing to do!)

That's leadership!

You da man, Stephen!