Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nazi-Redux Germany Cracking Down on Homeschooling

Story here. Certainly read it all to get the whole picture, but here's some frightening excerpts which I believe sound simply too disturbingly familiar...

The German government, in a throwback to its National Socialist Workers Party heritage, has declared war on homeschool families, promising to bring those with banned "religious convictions" into alignment with he state regulations.

Hmm... "banned religious convictions"... in Germany...sound familiar? "Alignment with state regulations"? Is that codespeak? What's next?

The German declaration and threat came from "K. Horstmann" who was identified as a "Ministerial Director" and was in a note responding to the German education network's letters requesting that consideration be given to one homeschool family whose children had been picked up by police and escorted to the public school.

I'm sure someday we'll be seeing this "K. Horstmann" at Nuremberg...

In that case, as WND reported, children from the Romeike family were forcibly escorted to school in their home town in the state of Baden-Wuerttemburg.

...forcibly escorted... shades of the Third Reich...

"K. Horstmann" continues:

"The education administration in future will also not recognize so-called homeschooling and act in proportionate measure considering the individual case and circumstances."

Sounds ominous... wonder how far the German state would go to "act in proportionate measure"? We've seen how far they've gone in the past. And in today's ignorant leftist worldview climate, they'd certainly get away with a brutal crackdown on homeschoolers.

Here's where we see what it's likely really all about, why there's such a fascistic crackdown, particularly directed at German Christians:
The court said the Konrads belong to a "Christian community which is strongly attached to the Bible" and rejected public schooling because of the explicit sexual indoctrination programs that the courses there include.

Could this be an ultra-extreme leftwing fascist imposition of the indoctrination of all children in whatever sex acts and sexualities are deemed by leftwing fascists to be compulsory for children to be immersed in?

Why must the state, in the view of the ultra-extreme fascist left, force sexuality of whatever kind upon children? What social good does this serve? To make sexual deviants and extremists feel better about themselves?

...or does Germany plan to eventually legalize pedophilia? Is this the kind of society they plan to build?

Why are sexual deviants and extremists more important than Christians, Jews, etc.?

I think that the Nazis are back in Germany... and that they're now about leftism and extremely deviant sexuality.

Why else does the German reich want to force certain things onto German children? Surely, it's not about math and language skills... homeschooling teaches these things. It's about things like sodomy, for example, and Christians who homeschool are highly unlikely to indoctrinate their children in this crap, thus posing a threat to the leftwing sex fascists of the state apparatus.

Now... I want to see the Fourth German Reich dare to force the very same indoctrination upon fundamentalist Muslims as well. Then we'll sit back and watch the jihad attacks on the reich and the resultant crackdown on all Muslims... if the German Reich has the balls to go after their soulmates in intolerance, imposition, authoritarianism, supremacism and imperialism!

Next thing we know, the sexual extremists will be goosestepping naked down the streets of Berlin carrying rainbow colored banners...

But somehow I doubt that the fundamentalist Muslims are going to put up with this.

Will the Nazi-Islam bond finally come to an end due to this forcible indoctrination in radical sexual extremism?

Ok... call me nuts, but come on... in today's immoral Europe, including Germany, with its infamously extreme porn and stuff, it's apparent that this is really what it is all about.

And it's going to happen, too, in North America.

Or has it already begun?

Here come the leftwing flamers, flapping their moonbat wings furiously, screeching, dropping flaming guano upon me for simply exercising my right to hold my own point of view on stuff...

Next thing I know, the Bizarre Sexual Indoctrination Schutzstaffel will be breaking down my door to take me away... stomp, stomp, stomp *yelling orders in German, door being broken* stomp, stomp, stomp... "You! kommen vith uz! ve teach you to vuck in der buttzen und you vill like it!"

Oh, and the radical left can screw off... I'll say whatever I want based on what I observe happening in the real world, which is very real...

What's the matter with Germany, anyway? Why so bloody self-destructive? Them krazy, kooky Krauts...