Friday, December 15, 2006

Take Ahmadinejad Seriously!

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, tyrant of Iran, keeps on promising to destroy other nations and has promised to wipe out an entire race of people.

But the world continues to ignore this man. Why? Is the world insane?

Outgoing US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton is saying we better take Ahmadinejad seriously.

"Historians often look back after huge tragedies have occurred and say, 'how is it that responsible policy-makers at the time didn't see this coming?' " John Bolton told an international symposium in New York Thursday.

In many cases, he said, people who were about to commit atrocities, and didn't hide their intentions, were dismissed by politicians and policy-makers, their statements viewed as " "the ravings of lunatics."


One could say, and hope, that the statements are merely for domestic Iranian consumption, Bolton said, but "it's important that if we are at this stage where we're been given early warning - unambiguously - of what his intentions are, that it's time to take action."

It boggles the mind! Ahmadinejad keeps saying he's going to kill all kinds of people, wipe out entire nations, all in the name of his so-called "religion". And the world pretty much doesn't give a shit! WTF?!

Has the world gone insane?

Just stand back and watch the whole thing as if it was a movie, not reality. Try to see what will happen later in the movie. Will Ahmadinejad suddenly go, "Ha! Gotcha! Y'all should see the look on your faces! Look over there, at the yellow light... smile! You're on Candid Camera!"? I hate to tell y'all, but... no. I really seriously doubt that he's kidding.

Can we afford to assume he's just mouthing off for the helluvit?

The world assumed that Hitler wouldn't try to take over the world. But the world was wrong. Hitler actually did take over some of the world... and quite easily, too. Had the world continued to ignore his army's march across the world, the whole world would be full of nothing but blue-eyed blond people speaking German, as Hitler so openly envisioned.

Well, Ahmadinejad wants to Islamify the whole world.

Does the world realize this... and realize what it means? I doubt it. In fact, I'm certain the world has no bloody idea what it would mean.

And what's as disturbing is the belief that Iran's nuclear ambitions are only about the production of electricity, nothing more. Obviously the world holds this belief, as the world is doing absolutely nothing about Iran's clearly non-peaceful nuclear ambitions.

The world has been warned. Repeatedly. By Ahmadinejad himself. He's not insane... but he's evil. Infinitely evil.

And the world doesn't care. Stupid. I doubt that many people even believe in the concept of evil.

Well, what can I do? I'm but some nobody guy with a blog who sees it coming and says so.

If it was up to me to order the annihilation of Iran, I'd do it.

Better them than us.