Saturday, December 09, 2006

Absolute Proof: Lebanese Lied About IDF "War Crimes"

An extensive, exhaustive, definitively-proven examination of a claimed attack on a Red Cross ambulance in Lebanon in the Israel-Hezbollah war in the summer of 2006 here.

This only adds to the massive body of proof I've seen already that the Muslims lie, lie and lie more and more in their continuing, neverending, never-will-end-until-Islam-is-crushed Islam-mandated war against Israel.

Please link to that page on your blog. No need to do a big post on it if you don't have the time.

The proof is indubitable, concrete, final.

When will the "international community" ever come to understand that it is the Muslims in the so-called "Palestine" area and the Hezbollah-, Syria- and Iran-controlled Lebanon and the entire Islamic World that are the aggressors and that Israel is the victim?

When will the world also come to understand that if Muslims are ever "victims", that they're actually the victims of Islam, their very so-called "religion" which they're usually forced or coerced or brainwashed into embracing?

When will the world ever shake off its delusions and come to realize the truth?

Why are people so terrified of the truth? Are they manipulated into fearing truth, into submitting to lies, dogmas, propaganda instead, including from the media, which I contend is "manufacturing consent" for Islam and for jihad... indeed, for evil itself (take that, Noam Chomsky, you lying, self-hating, Dhimmi fool!)?

Im beginning to believe that Lebanon isn't much more of a real nation than is the so-called "Palestine". It appears that the Islamic World is using Lebanon in the same manner as it uses "Palestine" as a means to continue its offensive, supremacistic, imperialistic, Islam-mandated war against an innocent victim, Israel. Just because Israel doesn't happen to be a totalitarian Islamic theocracy mired in the age of barbarianism like much of the Islamic World.

I sincerely believe that Islam itself is the root and perpetual cause of many, if not most, ot the major conflict problems in the world today. Whereas it used to be mostly Nazism, Fascism, Japanese imperialism and communism, today it's Islam. Is there any doubt?

Blaming America, Bush, and the Western World is pure camelshit! It's Islam, stupid!