Monday, December 04, 2006

Dictator Dion: New Lib Leader is Moonbat Fascist

Ultraleftist new "Liberal" dictator Stephane Dion: "Vote as I tell you or else!"

Newly minted Liberal Party of Canada dictator Stephane Dion

Dion (l) embraces disgraced ultrasocialist tax-and-spend ex-Ontario premier Bob Rae. Are they gonna kiss?

Messy-haired geekazoid Dion gets laughed at by hot American babe Condi

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"You are under my power! Submit or else!"

Story here. h/t: National Newswatch

MONTREAL — Liberal Leader Stephane Dion indicated Sunday he's ready to crack the whip at his caucus when it comes to this week's vote on same-sex marriage.


Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said he will not force his cabinet to vote one way or another. When then-prime minister Paul Martin faced the issue in June 2005, he whipped his ministers and parliamentary secretaries on the issue, resulting in the resignation of Joe Comuzzi from the cabinet.

This is likely the first fatal error of Stephane Dion's leadership of the radically-leftist and dictatorial Liberal Party of Canada. He's even more fascist than the inept millionaire moonbat Paul "Mr. Dithers" Martin, who, himself, forced gay marriage upon Canada without a madate to do so from the Canadian people.

One Liberal MP has already defiantly declared:

"Kick me out of the caucus, go ahead," said Liberal MP John McKay. "If the Liberal leader decides that's a good idea. . . That will be the first issue of which he and I will have a falling out."

(Emphasis mine)

Some leadership. Antidemocratic is the first appropriate negative label for Stephane Dion. Yes, this is a great way to improve morale and unite the Party.

Looking good so far, Steph! You go, girl... er, dude!

Boy-o-boy... talk about another radical leftwing girly-man compensating for his shortcomings via the cavalier, gleeful abuse of power!

Remember, absolute power corrupts absolutely!

Not impressed!