Friday, December 15, 2006

Dion To Recycle Failed "Hidden Agenda" Meme in Next Election

New Librano mob don Stephane Dion, ex(?)-separatist, still French National hellbent on seizing power & restoring iron-fisted, ultra-corrupt leftwing regime of old Chretien mob
Story here. h/t: National Newswatch
So the Liebrano$$$ ("Liberals", they ludicrously call themselves) are going to recycle Paul "Mr. Dithers" Martin's disastrous strategy of demonization and claims of a "hidden agenda" on the part of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives.
See? The Liberals haven't changed. Not one bit. They're wholly incapable of learning their lessons.
I dismiss the claims that Mr. Dion makes at the link. He offers no explanation, no specifics. He talks about $7 billion in cuts, but fails to be specific about whether the cuts were to wasteful spending his own party was throwing all over the place with reckless abandon while Canadians' taxes remained far too high. He knows not whereof he whines.
Mr. Dion makes all kinds of claims and accusations. He cavalierly throws the label "neo-conservative", as if it means something.
Well, what does it mean? Does anyone know what he thinks it means?
I don't know. He didn't say. What is he hiding? The fact that he has nothing to say other than to affix silly, meaningless labels to his political opponents?
He offers nothing but words, words, words.
And I know his true record. He didn't come up with the Clarity Act; Mr. Harper did. Dion and Chretien stole Mr. Harper's ideas and took credit for them. What do we expect from these crooks anyway? After all, all the billions of missing tax dollars... what did they do with them?
Dion as Environment Minister presided over rising greenhouse gas emissions, even after he signed the moonbat-nonsense "Kyoto Accord". He did nothing at all! Yet the MSM keeps saying he was supposedly so great for the environment. Of course, the MSM will lie to boost their preferred political party and leader!
I dismiss Mr. Dion's sound and fury as signifying nothing. He's a cream puff. A dud. He was there the whole time Chretien and Martin screwed and exploited Canadians! He stuck with them... and now he's taken over, hellbent on some hidden leftwing agenda and power-hungry.
I believe Dion's party deserves a silly label, too. I call the Liberals "neo-communist".
I accuse them of having a hidden agenda.
Why should I explain? Why should I prove? They don't. The MSM wilfully helps them spread the virus of demonization of their political opponents, repeating the slurs in headlines and in stories over and over and over again. Hell, the MSM sometimes uses terms like "far-right" as if they're a given and beyond question. How manipulative.
Beware the big liars telling the big lies!
Beware Liberal propaganda! Don't let them fool you... again!