Friday, December 29, 2006

50,000 Visits!

...since I started this blog on September 11th, 2005.

That's visits, not hits/page views, mind y'all... which means that once you've entered the site, it's counted as one visit, regardless of how many pages of the blog you view. The figure for page views is nearly 75,ooo, in case anyone wondered, according to my Sitemeter stats.

Well, that's quite pleasing for a perfect-nobody blogger like myself. Not bad considering I'm only a part-time blogger- I blog on my free time when I'm not at work full-time or doing something else.

I'm basically doing what I want here- discussing stuff I find and post, analyzing, opining, hopefully persuading.

Sometimes also making fun of stuff and people who deserve it (and sometimes those who might not deserve it, if I'm in a bad-boy mood, though no harm intended towards innocent make-fun-ees, of course)

Not a bad milestone with which to bring 2006 to a close.

This past year I've ripped into Liberals, Democrats, Jihadists and many more baddies and asshats needing ripping and exposure.

I've engaged in political-ideological combat with leftwing nutcases, a few of them actually formidable opponents who posed a serious challenge but who still, being leftists, failed to see reason and accept the truth. Learned the hard way how to deal with 'em.

I've exposed a terrorist training compound right here in Canada.

And, most importantly, I've had fun doing so.

Here's looking forward to more of The Canadian Sentinel in 2007.

Coming up soon: plenty of fierce attacks and justifiable mockery directed towards the Liberal Party of Canada in the lead-up to and during the next election, expected within just months.

Hop on! Hang on! I'll take y'all for a ride!