Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Why We Need A Preemptive Strike On Iran

...because Iran is testing missiles for the purpose of detonating Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) bombs over America.

Though not an immediate catastrophe as with a nuclear bomb, the effects would cascade and devastate America quite quickly and render it far less capable of responding to such a strike and to further strikes by the enemy.

World Net Daily has the whole story.

Here's just a (rather) bad taste:

Iran is not only covertly developing nuclear weapons, it is already testing ballistic missiles specifically designed to destroy America's technical infrastructure, effectively neutralizing the world's lone superpower, say U.S. intelligence sources, top scientists and western missile industry experts.


"A terrorist organization might have trouble putting a nuclear warhead 'on target' with a Scud, but it would be much easier to simply launch and detonate in the atmosphere," wrote Sen. John Kyl, R-Ariz., in the Washington Post a week ago. "No need for the risk and difficulty of trying to smuggle a nuclear weapon over the border or hit a particular city. Just launch a cheap missile from a freighter in international waters – al-Qaida is believed to own about 80 such vessels – and make sure to get it a few miles in the air."


Detonated at a height of 60 to 500 kilometers above the continental U.S., one nuclear warhead could cripple the country – knocking out electrical power and circuit boards and rendering the U.S. domestic communications impotent.

What does this mean? Simple... this kind of strike would not be the only one... it would only be the beginning... the Axis would then have the perfect situation with which to invade America and slay and enslave all Americans... horrible to ponder!

Therefore, I strongly favor a preemptive strike against Iran's WMD infrastructure.

And a deadly serious verbal message to the rest of the Axis power group that they will be wiped off the face of the earth should they attempt anything like a nuclear or EMP strike against the Free World.

The Free World cannot allow the spiritual descendants of the Nazis and other Axis powers of WWII to win the next time... or ever!

Humanity depends on the unyielding, steely will of the Free World to take whatever measures necessary to protect the great ideals of freedom, democracy and the rule of law from any and all threats.

Let's roll!