Sunday, March 26, 2006

UNC Jeep Jihadist Sought Gun, Laughs During Witness Testimony

UNC Jeep Jihadist Mohammed Taheri-Azar

Following-up on this TCS post.

Via WorldNetDaily

The Charlotte Observer:

Mohammed Taheri-Azar declared (emphasis mine):

"I would instead use a handgun to murder the citizens and residents of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but the process of receiving a permit for a handgun in this city is highly restricted and out of my reach at present, most likely due to my foreign nationality,"

Taheri-Azar, a 2005 graduate of the school, also had two cans of pepper spray and folding knife in the rented vehicle. He has said the act was to avenge deaths of Muslims caused by the U.S. around the world.

What was the pepper spray for? Did he believe he was a police officer? Nope... it was for terrorism purposes, no doubt. The knife? The 9/11 terrorists used box cutters to intimidate innocents to make it easier to carry out their dastardly deeds.

"...I made the decision to continue my studies and to graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill so that the world will know that Allah's servants are very intelligent."

Talk about delusional! He thinks "Allah's servants are very intelligent"?

If he's so bloody intelligent, then why does he let corrupt, evil mullahs tell him what to think, rather than thinking for himself like a very intelligent person would?

What a stupid nutcase.

Hope he rots in prison.

Also via WND: Family: Alleged UNC campus crasher a “kind, gentle soul”

WTF is this nonsense about "alleged"? There's no doubt whatsoever that he did it! There were witnesses! And he literally ran over them with the Jeep! Stupid MSM, always softening the hardness of the real world for the bad guys!

An excerpt from that article (read it all for yourself and draw your own conclusions about this piece of rodent dung):

....Mohammed Taheri-azar, 22, appeared to laugh during a hearing earlier in the day as witnesses described the attack on the university's flagship campus.


Taheri-azar, wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, appeared to be reading the Quran during much of the hearing and seemed to laugh at times during testimony.

Oh, the bastard!

Bet the left and the so-called "center" want to see him go free just because he's one of the darlings of left-wing political correctness.