Friday, March 10, 2006

The Chinese Communists Have Unmitigated Gall

So the murderous totalitarian regime of Communist China thinks it can claim to be no worse than the United States, accusing the planet's foremost beacon of freedom, democracy and the rule of law of "discrimination" against minorities and slamming the Guantanamo Bay terrorist detention camp.

Well, the Commie bastards cannot always escape scrutiny. If you wish to see proof of the sheer barbary of Communist China, go here. (Warning: extremely horrible graphical photographs of group execution in a trench).

I say to the communist bastards: go f*** yourselves. And we're watching you, you Axis power leader. If you're thinking you can do whatever you wish to whomever you deem, you have another think coming. We're not afraid to wipe a nation off the face of the earth should the nation attempt to invade the Free World and butcher and enslave its population.

Don't tread on us, communists.

And clean up your act! Bloodthirsty smiley-masked barbarians in suits! We know you're just talking nice to buy time, all the while blowing off the heads of anyone who dares question you.

See, folks... there are definitely people who hate freedom, democracy and the rule of law. And those people are amassing their offensive military-WMD capability at breakneck pace.

Do you smell the coffee yet?