Sunday, March 26, 2006

House Leftists Threaten to Block Anti-Gun-Crime Bill

The Liberals, NDP and the Bloc Quebecois are rattling their pink plastic sabers over the new Conservatives' bill to implement minimum mandatory sentences for gun-related crime.

They claim --surprise, surprise-- that the penalties are too "draconian" and that they would be unconstitutional.

Here we go again with the stupid leftist parties. Again with the "give murderers a hug; understand them; let them go free in accordance with their civil/human rights...".

I would say that the civil/human rights of innocent Canadians are more important than those of those who want to hurt and kill them by any means. Guns merely make it easier for the killers to do their horrible deeds.

Are you getting tired of their pinko-dinko nonsense, too?

I would say that having scumbags going around treating the good citizens of Canada as shooting gallery targets is itself far more draconian than tossing said scumbags into a cell to prevent them from doing it anymore!

From the article:

The opposition, while willing to deal with the governing party to fight a spate of gun violence in urban centres, say the Conservative penalties could run afoul of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms' guarantee that the punishment must be proportional to the crime.

I ask the leftists: Who gets to determine what punishments fit what crimes? Nine people in bad Santa suits or the duly elected government, which is constitutionally the only entity, along with Parliament, allowed to make such determinations? It is clear it is the government who decides, not the leftist opposition, nor the courts.

So the leftist opposition must smarten up. Canadians have already declared they've had enough of the Liberal soft-on-crime BS and the rampant, illegal, unconstitutional judicial activism.

After all, with this horrible stuff happening all the time in Toronto alone, combined with the totally worthless leftist "program" nonsense, Canadians are in no mood to tolerate any more appeasenik leftist gobbledygook!

An excerpt from the CFP article's statistics:

Year to Date 2006 in Toronto

Shooting Incidents

Persons Shot

Persons Killed

And that's just so far this year. It's been ongoing for a long time now. I don't hear the left making any logical, proven-effective proposals. "Prevention"? Why the hell don't they make the bloody case rather than just babbling slogans like "Prevention"?

Stupid leftists. They're literally getting people killed via letting the killers roam free to kill! Why can't they understand that? Take away the killers and save innocent lives! Duh!