Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Ado About Iggy's Woes

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Commentary here.

ht: Bourque Newswatch

But the recession was short-lived and Iggy showed up with an empty bucket. His advisers kept him in low gear. Opposition leaders should only oppose, they told him. That might work for some, but not in Ignatieff’s case. He was a world-renowned intellectual. He was expected to have new and captivating ideas for a public that was fed up with old-style politics.

As for opposing, the Liberals haven’t done a good job of that either. They don’t know how to keep the government on the defensive. The leader is a talented writer but there’s been no show of rapier wit or memorable phrases cutting the prime minister to the quick.

There’s been little to separate him in the public mind from what Harper stands for. The notion that the Liberals could somehow capture the public imagination with an issue like employment insurance reform was cockeyed.

It's not enough to simply be "that other guy". But that's what the Liberal strategy seems to have been.

Iggy's terrified to take a position on anything. What a pussy. Perhaps Iggy's not really an intellectual after all. Perhaps he's a poseur, like Obama.