Saturday, August 22, 2009

Re Obama's Unbacked Claims That Obamacare Warnings 'All Myths'

Story here.

Since the 2008 election campaigns in the US and Canada, I've noticed a new tactic on the part of the Left, ie., that of accusing any and all critics of "lying", of calling any and all legitimate warnings "myths".

I also noticed that these charges of lies and myths aren't backed up with any evidence to prove that they're lies and myths- the Left just says "they're lying" and "those are myths" and leaves it at that, and the Big Media does its part and reports the charges of lying and myths without questioning the Left for making them without backing them up.

It's as if they expect that we're going to believe, without question, the Left when they call someone a liar or call something a myth. Well, the lazy-minded "progressives" and swing voters, they tend to believe such claims, just because they're reading about or hearing about them in the Big Media, which, for some weird psychological reason, they incorrectly trust unconditionally, just as they incorrectly trust judges unconditionally to just do their job and nothing more.

Granted, Obama certainly sounds smart (he isn't, or is just bullshitting us, you can tell if you've been listening to him over time and thinking critically about his substance, or lack thereof, his illogic, his irrationality, his failure to substantiate his claims, etc)

In their weekly address, Republicans accused Obama of misrepresenting his proposal.

"As opposition to the Democrats' government-run health plan is mounting, the president has said he'd like to stamp out some of the disinformation floating around out there," said Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga. "The problem is the president, himself, plays fast and loose with the facts."

Price said that the whole plan should be scrapped and lawmakers should start over with a plan that makes sure patients — not Washington or insurance providers — are the top priority.

"We all know that when the government is setting the rules and is backed by tax dollars, it will destroy, not compete with, the private sector," said Price, a physician. "The reality is, whether or not you get to keep your plan, or your doctor, is very much in question under the president's proposal."

I agree with Rep. Price.