Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Obama B.C. Question Signs Popping Up Everywhere

"Birther" alert!

The Grassroots are doing their part.

What, are y'all still clueless about what's going on? Really, the Big Media won't tell you the truth, and will only spew programmed propaganda designed to discredit legitimate questions by raising irrelevant side issues about a handful of irrelevant weirdoes, while totally ignoring the one issue that really matters.

WASHINGTON – Americans are picking up on the "Where's the birth certificate?" billboard campaign by creating their own homemade versions of the signs and displaying them on highways, byways and on their own properties.

Ooooh... a bootleg WND sign. WND doesn't mind, though, because the campaign is not about making money.

Heh. Can't put a stop to that, unless Obama unleashes some kind of evil Schuzstaffel gestapo force all over the place...

Focus on the one question that matters: Why will Obama not let anyone see his original, paper, long-form birth certificate? Why has he (likely illegally) blown $1.4 million and counting to keep it a secret?

Only Obama can make this campaign go away... by simply releasing the document already, letting us see it for ourselves.

The document uttered by his people who claim it's his birth certificate? That's been found to be fake, and isn't being confirmed as having been issued by Hawaii. Even if it were authentic, it would NOT prove place of birth at all, because such documents have been released regardless of where in the world babies were born. Such documents indicate a Hawaii registration of the birth as having happened, but not where it happened.