Saturday, August 29, 2009

PM Dismisses Loony-Left Principal's Demand In Anthem-Nixing Fiasco

Above: The Left-Wing fringe crank asshole school principal, Erik Millett, sporting a bikini-waxed chin and an ultra-arrogant, narcississtic, Obama-esque, "progressive" countenance.

TCS flashbacks: Here and Here.

CTV brings us the latest.

The loony leftist principal is threatening to sue if Prime Minister Harper doesn't fire a cabinet minister who criticized him for nixing O Canada, banning it from being sung daily.

Of course, PM Harper has dismissed the silly crank's silly demand.

I guess he'll have to launch his suit, then. And I hope he has to pay for it out of his own pocket and doesn't get any "legal aid" from his fellow travellers/radical organizations on the Far Left.

If anything, this guy deserves to be ridiculed and made the butt of leftist jokes. Oh, don't like that, Erik? You can go crying to "Human Rights" Commissar Jennifer "Little Miss Jackboots" Lynch, then, who, I'm certain, will empathize with you, as she's a national laughingstock herself for her Liberal Fascist ways...

If he doesn't like Canada and its patriotic people, he can move to United Socialist Fascist States of Obamerica, where patriotism is effectively criminalized by the Hard-Left Regime there.