Monday, August 17, 2009

Terrorism In Russia Again

20 Dead in Russian Homicide Truck Bomb Attack

Of particular interest to me is the apparent paranoia of Russian authorities in believing that the Free World is somehow behind the attack.

Yevkurov, a former officer of the Russian GRU military intelligence service, also accused the United States, Britain and Israel of fomenting instability in the North Caucasus.

And the Russians accuse Canada of being paranoid? Pot, kettle, eh?

The Russkie GRUer also says:

"The West will try to prevent Russia from restoring its Soviet-era might,"

Which indicates a mindset amongst Russian authorities of wanting to return to the Evil Empire USSR days, the Cold War era during which the Reds were an indubitable threat to the Free World.

Oh, here comes ever-lurking, possibly-Russian commentor "Crazy Ivan" and his friendly propaganda routine... so how she hangin' today, Ivan?