Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Canada's Healthcare Debate Gaining Momentum

One wonders whatever happened to it in the first place- it just fell off the radar screen, at least in the Big Media and politically. Perhaps SSM and appeasing our enemies was, for some time, more important to the Powerful, Influential Left than the former number-one issue.

Story here. Emphasis mine.

ht: NNW

SASKATOON — After heated debate about the slippery slope of pursuing private health care, Canadian doctors voted Tuesday to push governments to look more closely at allowing competition for public health dollars.

As part of a plan to create a "blueprint" to transform this country's health-care system, the Canadian Medical Association approved a resolution to implore governments and health authorities to "examine internal market mechanisms, which could include a role for the private sector, in the delivery of publicly funded health care in Canada."

"The vast majority of Canadian doctors believe there is an urgent need to fix Canada's health care system," outgoing association president Robert Ouellet said later at a news conference at the organization's annual convention, which is being held in Saskatoon this year.

"The physicians of Canada are serving notice that we are tired of the dogmatic, ineffective and faux public/private debate continually derailing any and all attempts to build a health-care system that serves patients."

Indeed. What the hell is wrong with giving Canadians a choice? Who do the socialists think they are, to tell us we can choose with respect to one thing (you know what I mean when I refer to Leftists talking about "choice"), but not with respect to others? It's illogical and tyrannical! It's inhuman! It's unconstitutional!

It's time to awaken from our propaganda-induced slumber and realize that choice is a good thing in healthcare and that the socialists who want to continue to deny our right to choose are mean-spirited ideological extremists.

Who will we believe? The consensus of the doctors, or the homogeneous lies of corrupt, greedy politicians, myopic bureaucrats, socialist ideologues, propagandists and activists and the socialist-dominated Big Media?

It's time to stand up and loudly demand our right to choose!

Choice. To save lives. For a change!

Why do "progressives" only want us to be allowed to choose to end lives, whilst forbidding us from having any choice to save them?