Monday, August 17, 2009

Islamic Republic Iran Torturing, Murdering Hundreds of Dissidents

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Officially, the regime claims only 37 dead since the demonstrations began on the 12th of June, but about 1800 persons remain unaccounted for. The real figure is very close to five hundred known dead. And, according to reliable sources, the morgues still have a stockpiles of about 400 corpses. Each day three to four corpses are released to relatives.

The release of the cadavers follows a singularly macabre procedure. Close relatives, such as mothers, are ordered to report to a particular prison. Upon arrival they are immediately – and totally unexpectedly – jailed for two days. After these two days they are told that they can be released but that they first have to sign a secrecy pledge about their treatment and a declaration that their loved one had died of “innocent causes,” such as a car crash. The regime uses several other non-torture related death causes, such as brain injury, heart surgery, etc.

After signing the papers the relative can receive the corpse. Upon receipt of the corpse of the [mainly young] man or woman, the real cause of death–brutal torture–becomes obvious. They see their loved one totally beaten up, nails pulled out, evidence of rape, bodies covered with so many burns that it is difficult to recognize the dead person, and the like.

Despite the secrecy pledge, these horrendous details are now emerging and even members of the usually very loyal part of the clergy are now disgusted and upset. Indeed, there is so much disgust with the supreme leader and his men, that the country is inundated by leaks from the highest level of the regime.

This regime, which is Islamic, is also indubitably hellbent on building nuclear bombs and on using them, in line with its explicit promises to "wipe out" other nations, beginning with Israel (just because Israel is Jewish, not Islamic).

A regime like this, which engages in such horrific violations of human rights, is it all that doubtful that they'd commit a fraudulent election campaign to fraudulently stay in power?

This sort of thing would likely happen in any theocratic Islamic nation, including in the (currently, mostly) Free World (after such nations had been fully Islamized, which is a goal of Islamic supremacists such as those running Iran into the ground as we speak).

Also: Iran Regime, Opposition Set for Deadly Showdown

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his hard-line supporters are calling for opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi to be tried for sedition after he announced Saturday, Aug. 15, the formation of The Green Path of Hope movement to restore the people's stolen rights. DEBKAfile's Iranian sources report that Ahmadinejad is trying to build a puppet government composed of inexperienced, pliant cronies and officials known for their brutality to usher in a takeover of the regime by the Revolutionary Guards.

The two factions are set for a final showdown.

The regime hardliners are bent on smashing the opposition by brute force. Their leaders face trials on charges that carry the death sentence, such as sedition.

Let's take out the Regime's nuclear-bomb-building capability.

If we could go back in time to take out Hitler's world war and Holocaust capabilities in preemptive fashion, or, better yet, assassinate Hitler before he comes to power, wouldn't we do it?

Well, it's a similar situation with the Iranian Regime.