Sunday, August 23, 2009

Liberals Won't Want Election Now

Poor Michael Ignatieff, dejectedly seeing his chances of becoming Prime Minister dissipating into thin air. Well, it's not as if he's given voters any reason to vote for him, is it?

Because they've lost their mojo, according to a new poll that has the Conservatives looking good and majority-bound again.

Funny that the Liberals were talking about pulling the plug and forcing an election for early November, ain't it? Just watch them shut up with that silliness now and sit down when it comes time to vote against the government. Just like before.

The Conservatives now command 39% in support among decided voters, compared with 28% for the Liberals, according to the survey, conducted exclusively for Canwest News Service and Global National by Ipsos Reid. Since the last Ipsos poll two months ago, the Tories have climbed five percentage points, while the Grits have slumped seven points.

The NDP stand in third at 14% of the vote, up one point; followed by the Green party at 10%, up two points. The Bloc Quebecois posted 8% in support nationally, while 7% of respondents were undecided.


The poll suggests Ignatieff is having trouble gaining traction on key issues. Asked which leader is best qualified to "improve the national economy," 48% chose Harper, compared with 40% for Ignatieff. The prime minister also leads Ignatieff on "managing Canada's finances" (49% to 37%), and "representing Canada's interests in world affairs" (48% to 41%). The only issue on which Ignatieff leads is "protecting the environment" (45% to 41%).
Of course, "protecting the environment" isn't something Canadians care about if it would hit them in the wallet, like it would under the Liberals with their proposed policies, which would pretty much mirror Obama's and the Democrats' unpopular policies.

Regionally, the Conservatives now lead the Liberals in vote-rich Ontario by 43% to 31%. The Tories have also seen their fortunes improve in Quebec, where they had previously been in free fall. The Bloc Quebecois lead with 35%, followed by the Liberals at 29% and the Conservatives with 20%.

In Atlantic Canada, the Grits lead the Tories by 34% to 32%. The Conservatives are ahead in the Prairies with 57%, followed by the NDP with 25%. The Tories continue to dominate Alberta at 64%, followed far behind by the Grits at 21%. In British Columbia, the Conservatives lead the Liberals, 38% to 27%.

So if Iggy wants to play Sadomacho Man and force an election, let him. At least he'll get off on getting his skinny ass whooped.

No longer can Iggy depend on the brief recession to batter the Tories. Canadians now see that the Conservatives have done an excellent job of preparing for and steering the country through the recession, to emerge from it before others. Canadians also see how much better a Conservative government is than a liberal one (Obama-Democrat-Ignatieff-Liberal) would be.

Canadians saw what happened to America's overhyped liberal messiah. Now they look at Iggy as if he'd be Canada's Obama.

UPDATE: Via Bourque, we have this video by Liberals who don't like Iggy, and who apparently prefer Bob Rae. Obviously, the Liberals aren't united at all, and are frustrated at having an unelected de-facto foreigner parachuted in from the ivory tower to become the darling of the U.S. Republicans and all that. Now here's the Liberal video:

Guess we're looking at a possible removal of Ignatieff and a leadership election to replace him. We saw that happen before with an elected leader of the Canadian Alliance, so perhaps it's the Liberals' turn to undergo the same.

Yep. The Liberals will have to pick Bob. Bob! Yep. Mr. Skinny-Dipper! He can unite the Left, 'cause he's a swinger within the Left!

Trouble in paradise...

Below: In happier times: Michael and Robert... don't they look like quite the happy couple?