Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Dumb Poll

This poll's results shouldn't be surprising at all.

I see that the poll didn't ask respondents whether they'd vote for a party who proposed to impose taxes and other draconian policies in the name of "the environment", with such policies sure to hit Canadians very hard in the wallet, devastate the economy and throw a helluva lot of folks out of work.

If respondents were told that there are two ways to "protect the environment", ie. one via rational, sane, logical, well-thought-out policies that don't harm the economy on the one hand, and, on the other, carbon taxes and a credits trading scheme that would cause energy costs to skyrocket and devastate the economy, they'd say that they only support environmental protection as long as it doesn't throw them out of work and doesn't raise their taxes, their energy and pretty much all other costs. They will demand real, scientifically-sound policies that target the environment, rather than bizarre, illogical, unrealistic, incomprehensible financial schemes and scams simply making Bay Street and Wall Street folks rich.