Saturday, August 29, 2009

On Harper's Senatorial Appointments

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's recent appointments of Conservatives to the Senate is, all things considered, the appropriate way to go.

Critics outside the (c)(C)onservative community, particularly Liberals, have nothing to stand on in their criticisms of the appointments.

Such critics refused to support the Senatorial reforms proposed by Harper, ie. elections to eight-year terms. Such opposition to such reasonable, progressive, democratic reforms is simply unacceptable. True, they raised Constitutionally-related objection. But they could have joined a push to amend the Constitution to allow these reforms, but didn't. So their complaints that Harper went ahead and appointed Senators the old-fashioned (and actually Constitutional) way are simply absurdly rich.

As for the abolitionist NDP and separatist, could-care-less, Bloc Quebecois, well, who cares what they think? Let them bellyache, bitch, whine and bark, barely noticed, all they want from the extreme fringes of incredibility.

As for c/Conservatives/libertarians complaining, well, what do y'all really expect? Reform, at this time, is an obvious non-starter, because of the Left. If we don't do something about the Liberal dominance in the Senate, we'll be condemning ourselves to forever being subject to Liberal-Left tyranny, so, come on... Think of it as political warfare. Sometimes you've got to get nasty and brutal. It's justifiable, we know, because to lay down arms and let the enemy win is not an option. So get real, fellow freedom-lovers. Besides, with a conservative/libertarian majority in the Senate, once we have a majority in Parliament, we can pass Senate reform legislation and begin the process, if necessary, of seeking democratic consent via the Provinces and, hopefully, their residents via referenda, to effect the necessary amendment(s) to the Constitutional documents so that we can have a proper elected, effective, accountable (and hopefully equal) Senate so as to get Canada back on its proper progressive (not the destructive Leftist idea of "progressive", of course!) track again.