Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nigeria Halts Islamization, Breaks Up Taliban Sect

They won't submit, and they show the world what to do to stop Islamization.

The police moved on the Darul Islam community on the edge of Mokwa town earlier this month, detaining hundreds of members after reports the group was forcibly holding women to be wives.

Niger State officials said they feared the community could have evolved into a violent group like the radical Islamic sect Boko Haram, which clashed with security forces last month hundreds of kilometres (miles) away in northeastern Maiduguri.


"We had reports that the Boko Haram started like this before they grew to the point that they became security threats. We don't want this to happen in Niger state," said state government spokesman Alhaji Abdulkhadir Bala.

Darul Islam had an estimated 1,300 members, some of whom crossed into Nigeria to join, Niger police spokesman Richard Oguche said.

Nigerian immigration officials deported around 100 members over the weekend to Niger and Ghana after they were found to be non-citizens. Those found to be Nigerians were sent back to their home states.

Hey, if it would be ok to break up hypothetical white-supremacist groups, then it would be ok to break up Islamic supremacist groups that we know are all over the place and working to Islamize the world.

If they're not citizens, and are found to be participants in plots to Islamize the Free World, they must be deported.

If they're citizens, well, then treat them like we've been treating "white supremacists".

Sound reasonable? We don't want no stinking white supremacists, nor any stinking Islamic supremacists plotting to impose themselves upon us because we know what they'll do to those who are "different". And this we cannot allow.

Got to ensure they don't have opportunities to advance their supremacist agendae.

Maximum disruption, y'know. Just like Richard Warman practices. Let's use his tactics to stop Islamization, just as he uses them against innocent folks he, in his bizarre delusions, suspects to be neo-Nazis/white supremacists. Hell, let's use the "Human Rights" Commissions to target and jackboot Islamic supremacists, charging them with spreading "hatred and contempt" and so on. Bankrupt 'em! Put 'em out of commission! Why not? If the HRCs can do it to innocent Canadians all the time, why not use them to do it to actual bad people?

Conspiracy by any kind of supremacists to commit any kind of -ization ought to be made a crime.

It's not a "human right" to conspire to overthrow governments to replace them with supremacist regimes.

Supremacist groups hellbent on taking over and persecuting those who are different ought to be treated like organized crime gangs. Membership ought to be outlawed, and those caught being members sanctioned appropriately under the law. Gangs ought to be broken up, period. Hey, how come we still have known biker gangs? Like hell it's a "right" to belong to a criminal (or supremacist) organization!

Disrupt 'em to the max. Put 'em out of commission at every opportunity.

Of course, that may be easier said than done, as Islamic supremacists don't normally ride around on Harleys and wear leather jackets with "Taliban" and a skull printed on the back.