Sunday, August 16, 2009

Meh. Conspiracy Theorist Nonsense!

Haroon Siddiqui of the far-left Toronto Star tries, in classic liberal-nuance fashion, to suggest that the Conservatives are nasty and mean-spirited... again.

Hey, let's just dismiss him as being "on the fringe", a "crank", etc. Let's dismiss his whining as "conspiracy theorism". Why not? It's perfectly acceptable these days to summarily dismiss dissidents, after all...

Listen to the nuanced liberal nonsense...

If the latter, as has been the case in several incidents of Canadians stranded abroad, the Stephen Harper government has a lot to answer for: Is it racist? Anti-Muslim? Too ideological? Prone to micromanagement? Or just plain incompetent?

Heh. This sounds like the stuff I say about the Obama Regime, 'cause the Big Media won't ask those questions about Obama and the Dems when they do scary-sounding stuff. Somebody has to do it. Just like Haroon, the good little Leftist, a member of the Canadian Big Media, does it to the Conservatives.

It doesn't help Haroon that he quotes obvious far-left loonies, such as...

Gar Pardy, the retired head of the consular section of the foreign ministry, says that "previous governments used to treat everyone the same. Once all the legal procedures were complete with a Canadian case abroad, we'd ask for transfer and I do not remember a single case of ministerial rejection. Now it's routinely rejected."

Why? "There's no rationality. You can't put a finger on it. With Stockwell Day, it may be a case of ideology or Old Testament righteousness."

Ah, an accusation of discrimination. But with nothing to prove it. Bad move, Gar, you has-been hard-left state apparatchik. And bad move, Haroon, citing that propagandist of the hard left.

"Old Testament righteousness". Ah, now we know that Gar Pardy just might be a Christianophobe, and that Haroon is only too happy to use his bigoted, extremist rhetoric to bash the Conservatives.

Would these guys ever dare chalk stuff like this up to "Koranic righteousness"? Feck, no way! Not even if all the members of the Conservative government were Muslims!

Sheesh. Crank. Conspiracy theorist. Birther. Fringe-elementist. Teabagger. Astroturf. And whatever else the Obama-Democrat Smear Machine called the American People.

Come on, Haroon. Your hard-leftism is showing more rudely than Billy's willy to Paula Jones.