Sunday, August 30, 2009

And He's Still There

Obama's so-called "Green Jobs Czar", Van Jones, the black supremacist and communist revolutionary, continues to be under investigation...

During his speech, available on YouTube, Jones threw around terms like "eco-apartheid" and "green for some," and preached about spreading the wealth while positing a call to "change the whole system."


"If all you did was have a clean energy revolution, you wouldn't have done anything. ... You'll have bio-fueled bombers and we'll be fighting wars over lithium for the batteries instead of oil for the engines," he said to applause.

"This movement is deeper than solar power. ... Don't stop there! We are going to change the whole system!" he exclaimed.

The White House did not return multiple WND requests the past few weeks seeking comment on how Jones was screened for his position and whether the White House knew of his admitted radical past.

Of course the White House knew all that stuff about him. That's precisely why he was chosen and appointed. Just like so many, many other "czars" and so on and so forth. They're all obviously communist revolutionaries and many are racists.

In voting for "change", Americans who elected Obama also brought in a whole bunch of dangerous revolutionaries... of whom Van Jones is but one example.

Nothing good can come from having a regime full of racists and communist revolutionaries.

Obama and the Democrats are risking civil war, revolutionary war... perhaps they actually have contingency plans in place just in case, ie. with the feared-coming national police force and the internment camps and all that. Obama's also set to gain dictatorial power over the internet, and will be able to order it all shut down for whatever reason he deems.

I hope I'm wrong. I'll be pleased if I am. But the warning must be given.

After all, everything Obama's doing can logically, rationally only contribute to the downfall of America as we know her. It appears that this is their hidden agenda, to which I alluded during the election.

It's only going to get uglier and uglier.