Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ex-Gays Win Equal Rights In Court


Above: An ad by PFOX, an ex-gay organization, telling people it's ok to become straight if they want. What's wrong with that? Doesn't everyone have a right to choose?

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Really. No kidding. This is not a joke, not a prank, not a hoax. It's for real.

The latest "sexual orientation" to be granted equal status is that of former homosexuals.

Let's welcome current and future ex-gays to the club. Welcome, fellow heterosexuals! You'll love your new lifestyle! Cheers! Drinks all around!

From now on, those hateful, exhomophobic gay folks who go around bashing ex-gays will be subject to criminal prosecution under Obama's hate-crimes regime. Betcha they didn't see this coming, eh!

PFOX filed a discrimination complaint against the National Education Association (NEA) for refusing to provide public accommodations to ex-homosexuals, but the D.C. Office of Human Rights (OHR) sided with the NEA, saying that sexual orientation protection did not apply to former homosexuals.

"By failing to protect former homosexuals, the sexual orientation laws gave more rights to homosexuals than heterosexuals who were once gay," Griggs said in a statement. "So PFOX asked the Court to reverse OHR's decision, which it did. The Court held that ex-gays are a protected class under 'sexual orientation.'"

"All sexual orientation laws and programs nationwide should now provide true diversity and equality by including former homosexuals," said Greg Quinlan, a director of PFOX. "I have experienced more personal assaults as a former homosexual than I ever did as a gay man."

There are already gay activists in some schools telling children about gayness and so on. But to have only one "orientation" represented is unfair. That has changed. Now the ex-gay activists will get to work in the schools to tell children that, yes, you can become an ex-homosexual, too, and that it's perfectly ok to defect from gay to straight, etc., etc... And, of course, that it's not ok for anyone, including gays, to hate, discriminate against or commit violence against ex-gays, either.

“Our caucus will work with NEA to develop policies that recognize the needs of ex-gays in our education system. We believe education is the best way to overcome society’s phobia of former homosexuals. The caucus will also advocate alternatives to homosexuality in school curriculum to ensure diversity,” Jeralee Smith, a former lesbian, said in a statement on the caucus’ Web site.

It's time for currently-intolerant gays to be required by society to overcome their infantile, mean-spirited, unacceptable fear and loathing of ex-gays. Sensitivity training is obviously in order.

Isn't it wonderful? Diversity! Equality! This calls for an ex-gay parade!

However, expect the militant homosexuals to attempt to get the courts to take the ex-gays' rights away... Just watch 'em try, and show their true bigoted colors!

You see, it's still almost as dangerous to leave homosexuality as it is to leave Islam. Didn't y'all know that?

Now things will change. Society's attitudes will have to change. People who are gay will be assured that it's ok to choose to be straight, and that there's nothing wrong with that. Besides, who does it harm? If a gay chooses to go straight, who does it hurt? No one. So gays who claim that there's something wrong with people going from gay to straight are just, well, they need to be told what's what, and accept it, because this is the way society is, and they must "get with the program".