Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let Me Just Say This... this:

They're free to believe and live if they wish... but ONLY if they make sure that they always respect and refrain from infringing upon the right of others to believe and live if they wish, even if they don't agree with them.

Also, this extreme example of social reengineering founded on far-left-wing dogmas and propaganda/activism obviously is very aggressive towards minority and immigrant communities, effectively declaring war on their own beliefs and way of life. It militates against Quebec's propagandistic claims to believe in Multiculturalism, and belies the province's immature, myopic obsession with being "unique" and "distinct", even if it infringes on the rights and way of life of others, against whom they harbor feelings of xenophobia and intolerance.

First they invoked the Notwithstanding Clause to exempt all Quebeckers from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in order to satisfy their desire to impose the French language upon people against their will.

Now they're imposing something so extremely sensitive and controversial onto many folks against their will.

I, for one, have strong trepidations at this supremacist move by a tiny minority of powerful, arrogant Quebecois Supremacists, despite its pretense of merely being about "ending discrimination" and so on and so forth, such discrimination failing to have been demonstrated, and only being claimed and propagated by extremists.

If this legislation, following its hasty passage and implementation without a proper, necessary democratic consultation with the Quebec People to first receive proper consent from those who would be affected by such a draconian, widely-consequential move with respect to the rights of others to believe and live as they wish... if it is found to be the cause of infringement upon the rights of others, it will have to be altered to ameliorate such infringement, because such infringement is not acceptable in a free and democratic society that balances the rights of all citizens within the context of ensuring a healthy society with strong emphasis on policies that promote such society's long-term viability.

As is usually the case with such extreme left-instigated legislative transformation, this new legislation will most probably prove to have deleterious effects on many people, and tend to infringe on their rights. But what do left-wing extremists care about people, as opposed to the radical, arrogant, dogmatic, unrealistic convictions of the Far Left? Well, they'll be "happy" so long as they "get their way", regardless of how others might be affected, regardless of how their way infringes on the rights of others... It's the ideology that's important to them, not equality, not harmony, not tolerance, not understanding, not liberty...


...that all said, there could be a positive precedent here... that it could prove to be a very poweful tool in terms of the Peoples' resistance to Islamization.

That is, if the same Left-wing extremists who impose this legislation will still have the balls to enforce it against Islamic Supremacists who demand society be transformed to "end discrimination against Muslims" (codespeak for crushing Kufr resistance to Islamization, crushing resistance to Kalifascism, to incorporation into the Ummah, to brutal, intolerant, frightening Sharia Law, etc.).

It's a double-edged sword that can prove as useful as it can prove to be harmful.

Perhaps Quebec is better equipped, being "xenophobic", "unique", "distinct", etc... to resist Islamization than is, so far, much of the rest of the Free World, and can demonstrate that resistance is not futile...

Like hell Quebeckers will have strange peoples coming into their land and forcing them to wear "burqinis" and, for men, long pants pulled up like Urkel's, in order to be permitted to use public pools, and then only as long as the sexes are segregated, like is now the case for the British, regardless of whether they're Muslims or Kufrs. The Quebec Nationalists, after all, won't tolerate that sort of thing, and that's something one's gotta hand to them, seeing as they've got balls...