Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Inconveniently Strong Loonie

So the Bank of Canada warns that the strong Canadian dollar may "derail" the recovery.

Well, it could.

Unless, of course, Canada adapts to having a stronger dollar. Printing more money is too easy, and not the best way to go, ultimately.

Like, hey, let's become more productive as a nation. More efficient. Cut fat. Cut business taxes. Etc., etc... And curb the excessive power of the unfair, fat-cat unions, who, thinking of themselves first, make production relatively more costly and less productive vis-a-vis much of the rest of the world.

Make business the focus. Facilitate business. And fuggeddabout the nonsense about carbon emissions, global warming and catastrophic climate change already; that's been discredited as a big hoax!

Time to get back to work... And prosper again!