Monday, December 22, 2008

Anti-Christian Hate Crimes Rage Across America

Nativity scenes destroyed all over the place in massive spate of hate

ht: Newsmax

Interesting that this isn't exactly making the big-corporation news.

Anyone heard of this serious hate crime that left a Christian pastor near death?

A Christian pastor in Loma Linda, Calif., was beaten and left in critical condition while decorating his church.

I see that FOX News's website today carries a story about a rape of a lesbian, in which a big deal is made of the hatefulness of this crime. But what about the near-murder of the man who was attacked for being Christian? Is this less newsworthy? Are homosexuals first-class and Chrsitians second-class? Who cares about Christians? Obviously not the militant homosexual propagandists. In fact, we know very well that some of them have threatened to kill Christians and that some of them are going around attacking churches. There is no doubt that many homosexual extremists/militants harbor a seething hatred of Christians, no doubt at all... and they must be told by society that their hatred will not be tolerated any more than hatred of them by others will be. But listen to the silence of society at large, and the silence of the homosexual community, when Christians are beaten nearly to death just for being Christians and celebrating their Christianity.

The persistent vandalism has some churches turning to technology to protect their cherished displays. More than 70 churches across the country have installed security cameras and GPS tracking devices in their nativity figures. The high-tech gear was provided for free by BrickHouse Security in New York City.

I wonder who the hateful vandals and attackers are? Will we be informed when they're caught? Will their sexual orientation be mentioned? It should be, because if a Christian was caught torching a gay bar, the media would certainly mention his religion, no doubt!

Hey, Leftist idiots... what's your problem with my saying the above? You know that your people are always saying nasty things about Christians and blaming them for all kinds of bad stuff that you don't like. Sheesh- for example... If you're not allowed to walk around naked playing with your 'nads, it's all because Christians are imposing their radical values on society and "taking away your 'rights'" and so on and so forth, so STFU and let me have my equal time with the conch shell!

Hatred and violence against Christians is a serious and growing problem everywhere, and it must be stopped. Massive campaigns must be waged to eradicate this hatred and violence, just as massive campaigns have been waged to eradicate white supremacism, neo-Nazism, "homophobia", "Islamophobia" and so on and so forth.

Christians deserve equal protection! Anyone who scoffs at this is hateful!